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B.Sc. Exercise & Health Science, Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness, Level 1 Boxing Certified, Level 1 Kettlebell Certified, Senior First Aid & CPR.

We are proud to have Sam back on team Konga! Being certified under multiple disciplines and licenses, he offers a ton of training options to our clients. Sam grew up in Australia with an athletic background, getting his feet wet in almost every sport you can imagine. His sports obsession made elite personal training his natural progression. Spending over 8 years as a licensed trainer has made him a high-demand trainer in Mississauga. Weight loss, nutrition, and athletic performance is his expertise, but he can effectively branch out to teach other disciplines as he sees fit for his client. You should see what he can do with a kettlebell by the way! As a scholar of human anatomy and health, there is no muscle he can’t train and he welcomes anyone who challenges otherwise. Our clients not only get stronger with him, they also become better educated about their bodies!




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