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CanFitPro Certified Trainer, Fundamentals of Fitness Leadership Program – Sheridan College, Olympic Lifting Coach.

Cassandra is as dedicated and loyal as they come. Her training style is based on understanding her clients’ abilities and creating a highly-specialized program that can build on them. Every individual comes with unique abilities, attributes, and body mechanics – all of which have a method that can optimize these features. Very few understand this concept more than Cassandra. The first goal is developing the correct foundation. You will train more efficiently and effectively under her instruction to achieve a solid foundation that is built on form and function. Once that’s done, it’s time to maintain the form while improving volume, intensity, and power. Whatever your goal may be, she has the solution to it. For her pastime, she also enjoys training and surrounding herself by a fitness-oriented environment. She can be seen at battle arts performing picture perfect cleans and snatches, and lifting ridiculous amounts of weight! Everyone can change their lives. Become part of Cassandra’s team – she’ll get you into the right direction for that change to happen.  

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