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Konga Fitness Team

A Modern Style of Training

Konga. This is the name personal trainer extraordinaire Khaled Fahim adopted as a 3X World-Egyptian Kickboxing champion while he competed as a professional fighter. Konga is a symbol of balance, a concept that describes Khaled’s philosophy of training. As a fighter, he quickly knew that in order to achieve optimal performance and health, he needed to balance the mind, body and soul. This is a fundamental tenet that he spent more than 15 years perfecting while becoming successful in the fitness industry. Part of his success also came from his unremitting drive to help his clients achieve their goals and become stronger, functional individuals. The first thing people often note about Khaled is his charismatic and humble demeanor. He is very respectful and determined to help, yet he is always willing to say and do what is best for the client. Khaled will make sure you learn more than you thought, achieve more than you expect, and realize more than you previously envisioned.

Konga Fitness Low Back Pain

Mississauga Personal Trainer

One of the most common medical syndromes that a Mississauga personal trainer will see in their clients is chronic lower back pain. In fact, studies have shown that 80-90% of all adults will experience low back pain at some point of their lifetime (Wipf & Deyo 1995). Since the lumbar (lower) vertebrae must constantly deal with the weight of the entire upper body, which becomes a lot harder when you factor in poor posture and weak core activation, it definitely comes as no surprise why the prevalence of low back pain is so high.

Importance of working on your physique

Reasons for working on a Physique

When you decide it is time to hit the gym, the body all the sudden becomes a platform to which you can mold your ideal self into physical form. Your physique will always be on display no matter what minute, hour, day, week, year, or any scale of time you are dealing with. To achieve it, you must become an organization freak since your whole day needs to be calculated to ensure that your goal is on track. Essentially, there is no real “break” from working on your physique. Everything from your meals to your workouts, rest and supplements must be tailored a certain way that aligns with what is best for the physique.