Providing a customized solution for each individual client so that they are able to achieve and surpass their fitness goals.



I dedicate my time to insure that every member of a group training session feels like they have had an optimal amount of time to help push them towards there goals. Group training is a fantastic way to stay motivated and get fit.


The road to great health, increased energy and a better living is a lot easier than you have been led to believe. All you need is the proper tools to get you going.

In my one-on-one client sessions, I use a variety of proven techniques to deliver dramatic results! Whether we’re doing high intensity interval training, cardio conditioning, weightlifting, plyometrics, or any other workout, I assure you, you will never get bored. the hour is up. I promise that by working harder than you ever thought you could, you’ll feel stronger than you ever thought you would. Having said that, you’ll also see that I’m super friendly, motivating, and will always work with you to figure out what’s right for YOU! Together we’ll figure out your goals and overcome the challenges of losing fat, building muscle, and increasing your overall fitness capacity!

I am here to accommodate you. You have the freedom to train anytime, anywhere.

After an initial assessment, I will design an in depth program that is specific to you. My goal is to help you reach your fitness goals while taking into account your unique strengths, weaknesses, medical history, and your current fitness level.

Your first few sessions will involve exercise breakdown and form. Ongoing counseling is provided to help you reach your goal in a safe and effective way. Once initial exercise technique has been achieved, I will engage you by finding new challenges, give you a new program design, and provide you with ongoing encouragement and motivation.

I’ll come to your office! Get fit in the convenience of your workplace with my Customized Corporate Group Training Sessions.

A great team building experience!

My flexible schedule allows me to be available in the morning, at lunch and after work.

With my group rates, working out is affordable and you save time and stay accountable! Rates begin at $100/hr session and are dependent on location, number of attendees and frequency.


As a world class kickboxing champion and practitioner, I have had the pleasure of training and passing on my knowledge to a number of my clients. Kickboxing is used as an alternative form of exercise to help achieve fitness goals.



A healthy lifestyle doesn't just consist of exercise, it also includes a well balanced diet. My goal is to help you look and feel great.


If you’re looking for something to spice up your current exercise program, join one of my private kickboxing sessions. I offer private kickboxing sessions with myself (and remember, I’m a kickboxing champion – so I know a little bit about the sport). I’ll teach you proper technique and form and all the while, you’ll be getting a heart pumping workout!

Have you been exercising and eating clean but not seeing the changes you were expecting? Perhaps there are underlying issues that may be in the way of your progress.

By assessing your current health, lifestyle and diet, FIT SQUD’S Registered Holistic Nutritionist works individually with clients to help understand what may be preventing them from realizing their health and fitness goals, and works with them to achieve them through a holistic approach.

Individual consulting program $120:

  • Initial session includes a complete nutritional assessment
  • Recommendations and detailed eating plan and goal setting
  • A 30 min follow-up session 4-6 weeks later to monitor progress and make additional modifications as necessary

Additional services include:

  • Detailed weekly meal and menu planning
  • Health Food Shopping – grocery store tour of “what to buy”, organic vs. non-organic etc.
  • Kitchen Cleanse – I am willing to come to your home and ensure you are only stocking the healthiest choices for you and your family

I provide a detailed meal plan that includes suggested meals, snacks, serving sizes, and food combinations to ensure your nutrition program compliments your training program.

I also help create menu items to suit you and your family’s needs.

Please contact me for more information on holistic nutritional assessments and how it can help you achieve a healthy, balanced, beautiful body, both inside and out.


Take a look at what my clients say about their experience with Konga Fitness.

Konga did the impossible. He turned me, a lifelong couch potato, into an energetic gym-going spark plug. I loved how he emphasized variation in exercise routines, and his ability to motivate me to do what I thought was impossible. When a weight seemed to heavy, he convinced me it was not, and because of him, I'm lifting more, living better, and feeling great. Oh yea, he's a wonderful person as well, easygoing and super-friendly.
Neha D. - Client
Konga is the best! He helped me get stronger, lose weight and fine-tune my eating habits. With his help, I was able to lose weight for my wedding and learned how to eat right, without having to sacrifice the foods I love. His kickboxing classes were probably my favorite. They really got the calories burning and were so much fun. He is also understanding and flexible when needed. All of that plus a winning and warm personality makes Konga a A+++!
Sarah Michel - Client
Book your FREE TRIAL SESSION. Choose from any one of our services<br>and find out why so many people love working with Konga Fitness.

Book your FREE TRIAL SESSION. Choose from any one of our services
and find out why so many people love working with Konga Fitness.