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Sean Duquette

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)

Dr. Sean Duquette graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2014. He's also a sports performance guru currently completing his specialization in sports sciences. Tons of experience working with teams in various types of sports (rugby, soccer, and softball) has made him so good at what he does. On top of that, he was the chiropractic doctor for Canada's Taekwondo Team at the Pan-American Junior Games and Cadet Championships, and worked at the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games. His treatment philosophy is to get the client involved in their care by educating them about the importance of calculated activity. Sean has tremendous skills in manual therapy (e.g. cracking your joints) and exercise prescription. He will get you to return to action, perform better, and become elite at what you do!

Sean teaching a client how to set (depress) their shoulder blade to improve their shoulder biomechanics



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