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Everyone has strength beyond their imagination.

In fact, no fitness goal is too absurd with the right plan, resources, and determination. Konga Fitness is the plan and resource that requires your determination to get where you envision yourself to be. Our hand-picked, dedicated team of professionals has become the most elite personal training team in Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Oakville and the rest of the GTA. We realize that every individual who comes into our facility has a different background with unique physical attributes and goals. That is why each personal training program is designed for you, and only you. No method has proven superior to our client-based strategies. We also customize our programs for people of all ages. More interested in group training? Join us in our high-demand classes that get you moving, sweating, and pushing yourself! These upbeat classes are led by the likes of Khaled Konga, one of the most energetic and electrifying instructors in the industry. But most of all we want you to be satisfied with our company. Book an assessment and training session on us, free of charge. This gives you the chance to be amazed by what Konga Fitness can do for you before committing. Each client has their own success story, what’s yours?